Are you looking to get more from your home? Do you want added security and convenience anywhere in your house? If so then you are in the right place. Here at A Connected Home, we want to make your home the best it can be. We offer a wide range of services to turn your home into a ‘Smart Home’. 

Just get in touch to arrange a free consultation and we can help guide you on the right products and services to meet your needs. As well a vast knowledge in the latest and greatest technology in home automation, we are also a Nest Pro Elite installer and as such have specialist training from Nest to make sure you get the service possible.

What is a connected home or a smart home?

For hundreds of years, homes haven’t changed much. Building techniques may have evolved but the technology in our homes has been much the same for many decades. That is no longer the case. With A Connected Home, you can control your heating remotely, view security cameras from anywhere in the world, remotely control lights, access your property without a key and so much more.

This technology puts you in control of your house. You can control it with voice commands, from your phone/tablet or directly on bespoke interfaces designed to make your life easier. 

Feeling the cold? Tell your thermostat to put the heating before you even leave the office. All from your mobile phone. 

Can’t find the light switch in the dark? Control it your voice. You can also control things like colour, brightness, daily schedules and much more. 

Front door bell goes and want to see who it without going to the door? The latest video door bells connect to your devices showing you who’s at the door. Even if you’re not home.

Tired of carrying a bunch of keys? The latest smart locks let you access your home in a range of easy and convenient ways. All without sacrificing security. 

The possibilities are endless. Arrange a free survey to see what we can offer you and your home.